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Video - Airbus A330neo joins the family

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A year after the official launch of the A330neo, Airbus has just started production of the first elements (engine pylon and centre wing box rib) at their Nantes (western France) and Toulouse (south west France) sites.

This new A330 is actually a remotorised and more fuel economical version. Besides the wingspan, that will be increased by 13 feet (four metres), the design of the A330neo will be virtually identical to that of the current A330. The Airbus 'neo' is due to be put on the market in late 2017, and will bring with it a complete A330 range on offer to companies, according to their needs.

In the A330 family, the various 250 to 300-seater versions have ranges of between 6,800 and 7,400 miles (11,000 and 12,000 kilometres) ; and then, but with half that range, there is the 400-seater A330 Regional, mainly intended for the Chinese market.

Last but not least, Airbus also offers a military version of its A330 (A330MRTT), a VIP version, like that of the French Republic (ACJ330), and a freighter version (A330F). Thanks to this twinjet, launched 20 years ago, Airbus has found a highly versatile and cost effective platform.

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