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Video - Boeing 787-9’s show of force

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On the four trade days of the Paris Air Show, Boeing recorded 36 orders and purchase commitments for their Dreamliner, the Boeing 787. Two companies, Ethiopian Airlines and Garuda Indonesia, have ordered the ‘plane after seduced by the performance of the new US long-haul above Washington State’s, Lake Moses (USA).

Released online by Boeing on 11 June, the demonstration rehearsal flight video of the Vietnam Airlines 787-9 at this year’s Paris Air Show, was seen by over 10 million internet users, and shows the Dreamliner taking-off almost vertically. Impressive images taken without any special effects by the US aircraft manufacturer.

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  • columbia107
    Posté the 06/21/2015 7:44 pm

    Awesome. Would have loved to have been the cameraman.

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