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Video - First Airbus A380 flight images flashback

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Ten years ago, at Toulouse-Blagnac airport ( south west France ), the Airbus A380 made its first flight in front of the thousands of onlookers gathered nearby, and television cameras from around the world. It was on 27 April 2005. A perfect day under a clear blue sky.

The flight lasted 3 hours 54 minutes between the 10:29 am takeoff and 2:23 pm landing.

This video takes you back to that day via the main images of the historic flight.

Some thirty engineers on the ground were in constant contact with the six men onboard the A380. Both Airbus test pilots, Claude Lelaie and Jacques Rosay, respectively ensured the takeoff and landing of the aircraft. Amongst the other four crew members there were three test engineers (Fernando Alonso, Manfred Birnfeld and Jacky Joye) and a test flight engineer (Gérard Desbois).

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  • YAAC
    Posté the 04/29/2015 9:38 am

    YAAC proud to be on board of Airbus A380...
    Be involved of the developpement of the first Fly By Wire Flight controls on the A320 with Lucas Aerospace air Equipment division in Paris.

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