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Video - What’s in store for us in 2015 ?

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At the beginning of this year, you're probably wondering what 2015 will bring in the aeronautical world ? Well to find out, we consulted our crystal ball...

If it’s right, there are certifications in the air (pun intended), firstly, those of the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, and EC645T2.

If it’s right, there will also be the first flights of business jets like the Falcon 8X and 5X, the Gulfstream G500, the Embraer KC-390 military transport aircraft, and also regional aircraft such as the Mitsubishi MRJ and Bombardier CS300.

If it’s right, 2015 will also be marked by the first deliveries ; those of the Qatar Airways’ A320neo, the Learjet 85 and CS100 to… eh, sorry, that’s clouding over!

If it’s right, with a barrel of oil at $85, the airlines will be over the moon.

If it’s right, some wealthy passengers between Abu Dhabi and London, will have a short term secondary residence; at 12 sq.m. (130 sq.ft.) not exactly a palace, but at least, all to themselves on Etihad’s A380’s, complete with double bed, shower room and butler.

If it’s right, Dassault Aviation are expected to sign their first export contract with India, for at least 126 Rafales.

If it’s right, in a number of design offices, where the Boeing 787-10, the future Franco-British combat drone (UCAV), and the successor to the Beluga, will take shape they won’t have too much time to sit around twiddling their thumbs.

If it’s right, the Google, Amazon and DHL drones will deliver their first packages. There will even be laser-sight systems to destroy the undesirables.

If it’s right, a galactic vessel named "SpaceShipThree" should be constructed in the resumption of space tourism test flights, with the objective of finally making some people’s dream come true.

If it’s right, we will locate the Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777, which vanished between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing last March 8th ; we will find out who brought down flight MH17 over Ukraine or what happened to the AirAsia flight together with the 162 passengers onboard ; why Virgin Galactic’s prototype disintegrated in flight, and have explanations as to how a snowplough came to be on the runway when the CEO of Total’s Falcon was taking off... 

But of course, that's only if the crystal ball is telling the truth... we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Concepcion Roncon
    Posté the 01/05/2015 6:00 pm

    If it's right, our cristal ball says that our 2nd World Meeting of Cabin Crews, Madrid, 19-20 february 2015, will have a great succes with the support of Aeronewstv!
    See www.2ndwmcabincrews.com
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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