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Boeing to increase 737 production rate

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Boeing to increase 737 production rate

Boeing announced it will produce fifty two 737’s per month starting in 2018. A figure up 10% from the initial estimates provided for the assembly of 47 aircraft of this type in 2017 (watch the aeronewstv video report published on 23rd April : Behind the production scenes of the Boeing 737).

Boeing is responding to the strong global demand for this type of aircraft which is "the fastest growing, most dynamic segment of the market," said in a statement Randy Tinseth, vice president of Marketing, Boeing commercial airplanes.

Boeing 737’s, which are assembled in the factory in Renton in Washington State, today roll off the assembly lines at an already impressive rate of 42 aircraft per month. Boeing assesses the need for single-aisles at more than 25,000 aircraft over the next 20 years.

Some 12,000 737’s have been sold since the programme began, of which 2,200 were for the 737 MAX, the remotorised version of the American bestseller, and counterpart of the Airbus A320neo, which made its first flight a few days ago in Toulouse.

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