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Video - Airbus A350 XWB: around the world in twenty days

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Throughout the summer the aviation press has generated a lot of ink about the A350 which has covered over 150,000 kilometres (93,000 miles) above the North Pole and all the world’s oceans.

Canada, Germany, China, the Republic of Singapore, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Qatar, Russia, Finland - from July 24th., to August 13th., the Airbus long-haul landed at no less than 14 international airports in conducting a series of endurance tests and online assessment (“Route Proving” ).

More clearly, not only to demonstrate that the aircraft is ready to be operated by airlines, but also to obtain the necessary certification for its entry into service. An absolute must that Airbus intends to achieve by the end of September.

During its 180 hours spent in the air, the A350 XWB was piloted mainly by Airbus pilots, by those of its first customer Qatar Airways crews, and also members of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This last series of tests before its marketing verified the performance of the A-350 by taking off from Johannesburg airport located 1,700 metres (over 5,500 ft.) above sea level, testing its compatibility with a number of airports, together with the automatic landing system, and the cabin under typical flight operational conditions.

Having undergone more than 2,500 test flight hours, the A350 is now ready to enter service. Qatar Airways, the biggest customer with 80 aircraft on order, should normally receive the first unit before the end of the year and start commercial flights in early 2015.

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