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Video - Boeing 787-9: certified and soon to be delivered

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After the 787-8 in August 2011, its big brother, the 787-9 received its certification on June 16 by the US and European civil aviation authorities (FAA. and EASA respectively). Five prototypes of this new version of the Dreamliner have accumulated a combined total of more than 1,500 hours in the air. Boeing has therefore entered the home straight before delivery of its first aircraft to Air New Zealand.

Jim Haas  - Director of Product Marketing – Boeing: Watch the interview in the video.

In a few weeks, the 787-9 will welcome its first passengers. This stretched version, longer by six metres (20 feet) in comparison to the 787-8, will enable carriers to transport 40 more passengers over an additional 800 km (500 miles) distance. The "-10" version, longer still by 11 metres (36 feet), compared to the original aircraft, will only enter into service in 2018, but will be able to accommodate 330 passengers.

To date, the Boeing 787-9 has recorded 413 firm orders from 26 companies. This version alone represents 40% of the Dreamliner total sales.

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