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Video - Tom Enders encourages voting in European elections

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Whilst Airbus is often cited by the political class to illustrate European success, the boss of the aerospace and defense group, Tom Enders, earlier this week, sent an email, in four languages, to his 140,000 employees encouraging them to vote in the European elections to be held, depending on the different countries, from 22nd., to 25th., May. Since 1979, participation has steadily declined to 43% in 2009. He explains.

Tom Enders, Chief Executive Officer - Airbus Group:

"There is not enough people going to the ballots next Sunday and that there is a participation rate of even less than 45% on this very important election and I just felt that I should address our employees whatever way they want to vote but to go to the ballots and vote for the European parliament which has a lot of powers and many people unfortunately don’t realize that. I’m concerned about the situation in Europe. Too much hesitation and decision-making processes are very slow etc."

This weekend, 500 million Europeans of the 28 member states will be asked to choose the 751 representatives who will sit in the European Parliament for the next five years.

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