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Video - A320neo final assembly well on its way !

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It's official, the first unit of the A320neo for flight testing, is in its final assembly phase. All the parts needed for this have arrived on the assembly line in Toulouse from the various Airbus plants.

The first horizontal stabilizer has been delivered from the Getafe site in Spain.

The wings from Broughton in the UK.

The engine pod mounting pylons from Toulouse, France.

The engine air-intakes were produced in Nantes.

The leading edge wing slats were developed at Bremen in Germany.

Still in Germany, but this time at the Hamburg plant, is where the tail section was built, and finally the Saint-Nazaire plant in France is responsible for the nose sections. It will take about a month for the assembly teams to put together the "New Engine Option", hence ''A-320-neo'', of the current version of the A320 ( A-320-ceo ). Initially the fuselage sections will be joined together, followed by the wing-to-fuselage junction.

The first A-320-neo test flight is expected in the autumn ( ''fall'' - USA ), with first delivery to Qatar in October 2015. In 2018, 44 A-320-neo's per month will leave the seven assembly lines, in Germany, France, China and the United States. To date, the new 'bestseller' from Airbus has gained more than 2,600 firm orders.

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