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Video - Airbus unveils new Group...

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The construction of the future Airbus Group headquarters officially began with the laying of the foundation stone by the Head of the group in person on 14 January. Adjacent to the Toulouse-Blagnac airport runways, in south west France, the two buildings comprising a total of 320,000 square feet (30,000  m2) and costing a total of 100 millions euros should look like this in December 2015.

1,500 people will occupy the premises situated right next to the existing european airframer headquarters. 

Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus Group: interview in the video.

The existing Paris headquarters in France will be sold. Whereas those of Ottobrunn in Germany are to become the group Defence & Space division head offices.

All eyes are now on the new reorganization of Airbus Group which since 2 January has been gradually taking shape like here at their operational heaquarters in Toulouse (France) and where the name EADS officially no longer exists. The visual identity of the three new divisions : Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence & Space, now appears around various sites.

Just one major challenge still remains: to achieve a better equilibrium between their commercial aviation and other activities. In monetary value, Airbus alone accounts for over 90% of the present orders on the group's books. 

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