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Video - A320 "Made in USA"

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After Asia and Europe, Airbus is now taking on North America. The manufacturer has just broken ground on the site in Mobile, Alabama. And, here is what the site for the production of the single-aisle A320 family will look like in December 2015: an assembly line, a paint shop, and a delivery and hand-over centre. Making the air-framer and their American suppliers really happy.

Fabrice Brégier, Airbus CEO: interview in the video.

This Airbus assembly line on American soil is not seen as provocation by the CEO of jetBlue, the first company destined to receive a “Made in USA”  A320 in 2016. With this new production line, 1,000 new jobs will be created locally in the United States, and four times more in Europe for the manufacturing of the various components that will be assembled in Mobile, Alabama. In the end, Airbus hopes to capture 50% of the U.S. single-aisle market.

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