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Video - Eurosatory 2016: drones and helicopter gunships put on a show

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The Eurosatory exhibition dedicated to the world of defense and security held in Paris is an opportunity for 1,500 exhibitors to showcase their products. Present are surveillance gyroplanes, flying buggies and military drones of all sizes.

Regarding Helicopters, the French Army came with two ferocious animals: a Tiger and a Caiman NH90. The US military, as an ally of France, brought their famous Black Hawk and Apache.

General Ben Hodges, Commanding US Army in Europe: interview in the video.

In demonstration outside, the latest drone from the French Eca Group, the IT180. Its asset? Its almost infinite flight autonomy because it is connected by a cable to a vehicle which provides the energy to fly. With an onboard camera, the 6.5 lbs (3kg) drone can monitor a large area 500 feet (150 m) above the ground. Ideal to observe demonstrations or sensitive sites.

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