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Video - EBACE show: B787 and A350 luxury jet versions

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Private jets of all sizes, with gleaming fuselages and luxurious interiors, is what the three-day EBACE business aviation dedicated airshow in Geneva had on offer. This year, Airbus and Boeing brought out the heavy artillery.

The European manufacturer formally launched the VIP version of their A350 (ACJ350). The airliner will offer its 25 occupants, 2,900 square feet  (270 m2) for work or relaxation. If asked for, a spa by Lufthansa Technik can be located at the aft of the cabin.

Boeing meanwhile, brought a B787 VIP, fitted out by Greenpoint Technologies (a Zodiac Aerospace subsidiary) to be delivered late June to Deer Jet, a Chinese company who has specialised in luxury aircraft rentals since 1995. On entering the aircraft, the ambiance is that of a palace - leading on to a large bedroom with en-suite bathroom and office area. There is also a bar, a spacious lounge with leather sofas, a dining room, and guest bedroom with private lounge. A total area of 2,370 square feet (220 m2) for its 25 occupants.

If you are toying with the idea of acquiring one of these flying apartments, count on around $ 300 million for the "basic" luxury version; a number of which have already received firm orders.

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