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Video - Farnborough 2014 : taking stock

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On the last day reserved for the sector's professionals, it's time to take stock, get their calculators out and do their sums. Firstly, for the two major aircraft manufacturers, this edition has been exceptional for Airbus, but not too bad for Boeing either.

Compared to the previous air shows of 2012 and 2013, Boeing remains stable in terms of order value at around $ 40 billion. Airbus, who, on the other hand however, had a disappointing performance two years ago, made their return to Le Bourget in 2013, and here taken orders of more than $ 75 billion - almost twice that of their main competitor.

Airbus has totalled 500 orders or purchase commitments, not only for aircraft in their A320-neo range, which accounts for two thirds of the sales, but also, thanks to its official launch here, the A330-neo. The biggest customer for this new version, Air Asia, which has ordered 50 units, is, at long last, finally satisfied.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer – AirAsia :

''I think I went to Airbus about 17,365 times and said ‘build the neo’ (A330neo), and Fabrice, and John, and Kiran, would tell me ‘no’ in many different languages, and they speak in many different languages, but as my malaysian friends know, it’s not easy to say ‘No’ to Air Asia.''

Boeing has recorded half of its 200 orders and purchase intentions with their 737MAX. At the end of this show, the new programme now totals more than 2,100 firm orders from 42 companies.

In terms of other manufacturers, they are not leaving empty-handed. Embraer quits Farnborough with 92 firm orders and 70 purchase commitments under their arm. The Brazilian manufacturer is optimistic, and foresees a need for more than 6,000 new 70 to 130-seater aircraft over the next 20 years.

Bombardier has received 25 firm orders and 35 commitments at this year's show. The order book for their C-series now exceeds 500 aircraft. The Canadian manufacturer maintains its target of 300 firm orders for the CS-100, and CS-300, when it enters service.

Finally, regarding engines, Snecma has also achieved the goal they set for themselves : that of exceeding 3,000 orders for the LEAP and CFM since the beginning of the year. On the occasion of this show, the Safran group subsidiary has in fact recorded 1,062 orders and purchase commitments for engines totalling in excess of $ 21 billion.

With all this good news, the aviation world will now be able to take a few days of well deserved vacation.

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