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Video - Farnborough 2014: Offers awaiting orders

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We are already half-way through the Farnborough Airshow in the United Kingdom which has become the theatre of announcements and presentations of all kinds.

Boeing began by launching an increased capacity 200-seater version of their 737 MAX 8, comprising eleven seats more than the original version thanks to the simple provision of a new emergency exit door, Boeing hopes to convince airlines, especially the low-costs, of the potential additional revenue they could achieve with this 'plane. Its list price has not yet been disclosed, nor indeed the date of its entry into service anyway, but certainly not before 2020.

After announcing the launch of its E-Jets last year at Paris, le Bourget, Embraer is here this time  with a full-scale mockup of their future E-190 E2, whose main advantage is its modularity.

André Stein, Product Strategy Manager - Embraer :

''We want to be able to sell to low-cost carriers, leasing companies, airlines, regional airlines, all with the same product but being able to change the configuration in a modular way. An example of that is our new First Class. With this new concept that uses the same seat track and same bins as Economy Class, it is much easier for a leasing company for example to change their plane from a low-cost carrier to a regular airline and add a First Class.''

For the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier, Farnborough has been the occasion to present a revamped Q400. Called the "Q400 Combi", the twin turboprop is now available with 50 seats, together with a rear cargo hold of 32 m3 ( 1,130cu.ft. ), three times the volume of the original version. With a high density version of 86 seats, one at 78, and from now on, a 50-seater, Bombardier has diversified its offering of the Q400 and hopes to convince potential buyers, especially on the African continent

Next up : flight demonstrations, put on by a mix of aircraft in the British skies.

A commercial 'plane, namely a prototype of the Boeing 787-9, the first unit of which was delivered last week to Air New Zealand.

An appropriately named ''T129 ATAK'' two-seater attack helicopter, equipped with missiles and rockets, developed jointly by Turkish Aerospace Industries and AgustaWestland, capable of flying at 270 km. ( 170 miles ) / h. at over 6,000 metres ( 19,700 ft.).

And a maritime surveillance and anti-submarine aircraft, the Boeing P8-A Poseidon. Derived from the B737, the aircraft is already in use in both the U.S. and Indian Armies.

As for the possible arrival of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning, the saga is now over - it isn't. Although authorized to take to the air under certain restrictions, the Pentagon has finally made the decision after consultation with those at the highest level in aviation safety.

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