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Video - Farnborough 2014 : What's on the programme ?

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Five days from the opening of Farnborough, the biggest air show of the year, and, just to whet your appetite, here is a small selection of aircraft that will be present in the U.K., both on the tarmac and in the air.

There will be a total of around one hundred. During the traditional and spectacular flight demonstrations planned for 2h30 each afternoon, firstly, there will be the not-to-be-missed A-380.

In fact a test aircraft, because the originally planned Qatar aircraft on the programme, will be absent owing to its delivery, delayed until next autumn, due to problems with the cabin. Airbus will also present their latest baby, in flight; the A-350 XWB which should obtain certification within the next few weeks.

The Boeing 787 will also be present in the form of one of Qatar Airways' Dreamliners, now a regular at air shows. Unfortunately, the first "787-9", delivered on 9th., July to Air New Zealand, will not be present on British soil, however, not wishing to disappoint the crowd too much, the Americain air-framer will be presenting their P-8A Poseidon, the maritime patrol aircraft version of the 737, which entered service at the end of 2013.

Regarding combat aircraft, the F-18 McDonnell Douglas, put into service in the early 80's, and with more than 1,500 units produced, will be on show. The Eurofighter Typhoon also will have its two engines pushing it to a ground-trembling 2,000 km. ( 1,240 miles ) / h. overhead.

According to our information, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, will be very present. The cost of this 5th., generation fighter programme is estimated at 400 billion dollars.

A main feature of this show comes from the military field, with Textron Airland presenting their Scorpion Jet. The production of this Light Combat Aircraft, which made its first flight last December, is expected to start next year. The American manufacturer hopes to sell 2,000 units worldwide.

After five days dedicated to the sector's professionals, the show will open to the general public on 19th., and 20th., July. The theme this year: 100 years of aviation, and will also allow the some 100,000 visitors expected, to get within almost arm's length of legendary aircraft such as the Wright Flyer or the Blériot XI.

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