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Video - Boeing 737 bursts into flames after crash-landing in Peru

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Some 141 passengers and crew aboard Peruvian Airlines flight P9-112 saw their lives flash before their eyes on 28th March, as their Boeing 737 flight from Lima burst into flames after landing at Jauja airport, 100km east of the Peruvian capital.

Early reports indicate the plane violently struck the track and skidded along on its belly for several hundred meters before finally coming to a halt. The collapsed aircraft then burst into flames.

Fortunately the cabin crew had wasted no time in evacuating all those on board via safety slides. On their way out, some passengers filmed the plane on fire (Watch the video). Local media reports that 29 people were taken to hospital with injuries.

While too early to determine the exact causes of the accident, two theories seem likely. One puts the blames on strong crosswinds at the time of landing. The other suggests failure of the landing gear, as witnessed by a local police officer. An investigation is underway.

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