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Video - Flybe Bombardier Q400’s crash landing in Amsterdam

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Plane spotters hanging out near the runways at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Netherlands) last Thursday were not expecting such excitement. At 5pm local time, a Bombardier Q400 (formerly Dash 8) flown by British low-cost company Flybe and coming in from Edinburgh was forced to perform a crash landing.

Strong cross winds prevented the pilots from smoothly touching down the twin turboprop. As it violently struck the runway, the right main landing gear broke. The aircraft then slid several hundred feet, before coming to a standstill. Emergency services were quick to arrive on the scene and the 59 passengers and crew members on board Fight BE1284 were swiftly evacuated. Both passengers and crew escaped without injury.

While the cause of the incident hardly seems in doubt, the airport has announced that an investigation has been opened. Flybe CEO, Christine Ourmieres-Widener, simply commented that the company’s pilots and cabin crew are fully trained to deal with this kind of situation.

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