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Video - BAe 146: probe blames crash on human error

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The BAe 146 crash that left 71 people dead, including most of a top Brazilian football team, was caused by a series of human errors. That was the conclusion from a preliminary report from Colombian investigators, suggesting the catastrophe by Bolivia-based Charter Company LaMia on 28th November might have been avoided.

First of all, the flight plan was validated even though the plane did not have sufficient fuel reserves to complete the journey.

Secondly, pilots failed to make a necessary stopover to refuel midway, and put in a request with air traffic control for an urgent landing far too late – a full two minutes after one of the four engines had already shut off.

And finally, the air traffic controllers at Rionegro made the plane wait, giving priority to another aircraft in difficulty. Six minutes later, having completely run out of fuel, the flight ended in tragedy.

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