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EgyptAir Crash: Victims' remains to be released

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EgyptAir Crash: Victims' remains to be released

The Egyptian state prosecutor has announced that victims' remains are to be handed over to their families, seven months after the Egyptair A320 dived into the Mediterranean Sea.

Flight MS804 crashed on its way from Paris to Cairo on May 19th, killing all 66 people on board. Despite the long wait, causes of the crash are still unknown. However, the Egyptian authorities in charge of the investigation announced on 15th December that "traces of explosive substances" had been found on some bodies. This statement would appear to support the theory of a terrorist attack initially put forward by Egyptian authorities.

Analysis of the aircraft's black boxes confirms that a fire broke out on board, around the zone of the toilets and avionics, but does not explain its origin. Relatives of the victims have criticised delays and a lack of communication from investigators - their last press release dating back to July. In France, a group representing families of the crash victims has launched an online petition to speed up the repatriation of bodies and find out the truth behind this tragedy. So far it has already gathered over 4,200 signatures.

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