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Video - Fire in Boeing 767 due to uncontained engine failure

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The right engine of an American Airlines Boeing 767 caught fire just before take-off from Chicago airport on 28th October. The 170 passengers and members of the crew were evacuated by emergency slides. No victims have been announced.

Flight AA383 was preparing to take off for Miami. Flight data from the black box indicates that the Boeing 767 had reached 130mph (210km/h) when the incident occurred. The take off was rudely interrupted, and it took 25 seconds for the plane to come to a complete standstill.

A preliminary report from the American National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), says the aircraft suffered an uncontained engine failure at the time of take off.

The NTSB explains that the explosion occurred in one of the engine’s high-pressure turbine disks, parts of which were projected over half a mile (nearly 900m) from the aircraft. It is however still too early to be sure of the exact cause of the explosion.

The accident is reminiscent of a similar incident just over a year ago, on 29th October 2015at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood in Florida (USA). On that occasion, a Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 engine caught fire just before take off.

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