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Russia key culprit in MH17 Criminal Investigation

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Russia key culprit in MH17 Criminal Investigation

The ground to air missile, Buk that shot down the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 over the Ukraine in July 2014 was fired from an area controlled by the pro-Russian separatists. As these images from the press agency Ruptly show, the international commission presented its report on the 28th September in Holland. The conclusions left no shadow of a doubt.

Based on photos, videos, testimonials, telephone conversations and telecommunications data, the investigators even managed to retrace the path used to by the convoy that transported the missile. The weapon was brought over to the Ukraine from Russia and after the launch was returned to Russia by passing through a section of the border that is controlled solely by Russia and its militants. According to the Dutch prosecutor’s office, around one hundred people have been identified as playing an active role in transporting or launching the missile.

The Kremlin, for its part, still vehemently denies having anything to do with it and is putting the blame on Ukrainian forces. On the 17th July 2014, all 298 people on the MH17 flight were killed.

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