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Video - Hannes Arch killed in Helicopter Crash

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He was a well-known aerobatics pilot. In 2008, he even won the Red Bull Air Race. But on Thursday 8th September, Hannes Arch was killed in a helicopter crash in a mountainous area in southern Austria. The first pictures of the crash site show how brutal the crash was. All that is left of the Robinson R66 are a few pieces of debris.

One minute after take off, at around 9PM, the helicopter Hannes Arch was flying hit a rocky cliff at nearly 7,900 feet. The rescue teams were unable to save the pilot. His passenger, a 62-year-old man, is in hospital in a serious condition.  For the moment the causes of the crash are unknown.

The Austrian Hannes Arch was 48 years old. He leaves behind images of his last performance in the air, a slalom in a field of wind turbines that took place last April in the Austrian Alps.

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