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Video - H225 crash in Norway investigation: latest update

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Nearly a month after the Super Puma H225 crash in Norway that killed all 13 occupants, the investigation continues. These are the latest images published by the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board (AIBN), including, in particular, that of the main rotor head assembly recovered by investigators. A central piece of evidence that will perhaps explain why it suddenly detached from the aircraft at 2,000 feet (600 metres) altitude.

Following the analysis of the helicopter's black box recordings on the CVFDR (combined CVR and FDR) showed that everything appeared to be normal before the incident occurred. The preliminary report states that, "sudden catastrophic failure", lasting two seconds, led to the tragedy. According to the Norwegian civil aviation authority, the Super Puma H225’s rotor head had been exchanged one month before the accident.

The investigators’ examinations, so far, have not shown any sign of fatigue failure on the retrieved parts of the Super Puma. Detailed metallurgical examinations should take place in the coming days.

The investigation will now be focused on potential root causes of a technical failure, such as design, production, and maintenance.

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