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Video - flyDubai crash: a fatal nosedive manœuvre

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In their preliminary investigation report, the Russian Investigation Bureau (MAK) reveals the facts that led to the crash of the flyDubai Boeing 737, in Russia, on 19 March. The aircraft was beginning its second landing attempt, 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from the runway, at an altitude of 220 metres (720 feet).

It is not yet known why the pilots, who were flying the plane manually, apparently decided to abort once more, and applied take-off thrust to the engines; however, at 900 metres altitude, a simultaneous, abrupt, control column nose down was initiated, causing a sudden descent of the aircraft into the low cloud base, at only 630 metres (2,100 feet). When the pilots tried to recover the plane, it was already too late.

As shown in this new video, which has yet to be authenticated, the Boeing 737 nose-dived at 370 mph (600 km/h) into the Rostov-on-Don Airport runway, at an angle of more than 50°.

Pilot error associated with poor visibility seems to have been the cause of the accident, which left 62 people dead. The information emanating from the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), still under analysis, is thus invaluable in establishing the reasons for the crew’s action in carrying out the fatal manoeuvre.

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