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Video - Boeing 737 crash in Russia : 62 dead

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A flydubai low-cost airline plane, on final approach from Dubai, crashed on the night of last Friday to Saturday, just before landing in southern Russia, killing all 62 people on board, including 55 passengers and 7 crew members, the majority of which were Russian, according to a statement from the airline. These video images show the violence of the impact.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 left Dubai at 6:20 pm GMT to Rostov-on-Don (east of the Azov Sea) northern Black Sea, Russia, and was scheduled to land at 10:40pm GMT. The accident occurred at 0:50am, after midnight, when the plane crashed and caught fire following a second landing attempt, according to investigators in-situ.

The accident may have been caused by very bad weather, including strong winds and heavy rains, according to initial reports. An inquest has been opened. The take-off and landing are always the riskiest part of any flight. Both black boxes have been found and will be analysed by the investigators to determine the exact causes of the crash. The airline, flydubai, said in a statement on Saturday evening that they would pay compensation of 20,000 dollars, per passenger, to meet the immediate financial needs of the families. Throughout the day, flydubai, issued and regular communication, and put up a special page in gray and black upstream from its website.

Flydubai was established in 2008 with a first commercial flight in 2009. The low-cost airline operates some 1,400 flights per week from Dubai with a fleet of aircraft consisting exclusively of Boeing Next Generation 737-800’s.

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