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Video - Germanwings crash: the last ten minutes

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It is 9:00am on 24 March 2015, and the Germanwings A320 takes-off from Barcelona airport. During the first twenty minutes of the flight, everything goes normal.

Then the captain goes through the pre-preparation landing procedure checklist in readiness for arrival at Düsseldorf. The responses from Andreas Lubitz seem laconic.

At 9:30, the captain then asks his co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, to take the controls in order to go to the toilet, and leaves him alone in the cockpit, giving him the unauthorised opportunity to reset the Flight Monitoring System and reprogramme the aircraft’s descent.

The A320, now under control of the autopilot, begins a rapid continuous descent at a rate of 3,500 feet/min (1,000 metres/minute), from its assigned cruising altitude of 38,000 feet (11,500 metres), down to 100 feet (30 metres). At 9:34, the captain requests re-entry to the cockpit. There is no response.

The door has been locked from the inside. On the Cockpit Voice Recorder, the sound of human breathing can be heard from inside the cockpit. Andreas Lubitz is alive but remains silent; even the air traffic controllers, who try repeatedly to contact the crew, receive no response.

"Pull Up", can be heard repeatedly from the audible alarms in the cockpit because the A320 is approaching dangerously close to the ground at over 430 mph (700 km/h). Banging noises can be heard against the cockpit door, as if someone is trying to break it down in order to come in.

At 9:41, the A320 slams into the French Alps, leaving no survivors of the 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board. Since 1980, six other suicide crashes have been identified as being due to the deliberate manœuvres of one of the crew members.

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