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Video - A400M crash: three weeks after

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It is now three weeks after the crash of the A400M in Seville (Spain), and the results of the aircraft’s two black boxes analysis have not yet been revealed. What is known is that the data extraction was not easy, even to the point where the Spanish investigators had to send one of them to the US manufacturer, L-3 Communications, in order to recover the data.

Whilst waiting for the Spanish investigation commission’s (CITAAM) first report, a spokesperson for the Defence division of Airbus group whom we contacted said: " It is too early to draw any conclusions from the accident of MSN23. (…) We are analysing all the elements that could have contributed to the accident, including the different processes around the assembly of the aircraft, the engines and the preparations for first flight. (…) Like all accidents, it will certainly be a combination of issues and not one single cause.”

Regarding the two crash survivors, hospitalized in a serious condition on 9 May, one of them was able to leave the hospital and go home. The other, more seriously injured, is still hospitalized but his condition is improving, to the extent that he has now left the hospital’s intensive care unit.

At the present time the publication date of the inquest’s first report is not known.

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