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Paris Air Show space sold out

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Paris Air Show space sold out

Eight months before it opens, the Paris Air Show is already full. This is a first at such an early date as last reservations of stands and cabins usually carry on until late December.

In a sign of both the air show's growing reputation and the industry's good health, 130,000 m2 (1.4 million square feet) of space at the largest air show in the world have been reserved by more than 2,300 exhibitors: this includes all exhibition spaces in the six halls and almost all of the 330 business chalets on site.

This 52 nd edition will be held from 19 th to 25 th June 2017, in Le Bourget, northern Paris. While the first four days are reserved for professionals, the last three days are open to the public. Tickets will be on sale to 200,000 expected visitors from December.

Aeronewstv will once again be a partner to this edition.

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