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Video - Airpower: One of the Best Air shows in Europe

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Airpower is the key air show in Austria. On the 2nd and 3rd of September it attracted 300,000 visitors and some 350 journalists.  And it’s hardly surprising as the event, which took place at Zeltweg, 125 miles South-West of Vienna, boasted  a breathtaking programme.

In fact, Airpower is viewed as one of the best air shows in Europe. The daily nine-hour flight-demonstrations included some of the best aerobatic squadrons in Europe. Not to mention the fighter planes or even the helicopters. A total of 240 aircraft from 20 different countries took part in the show. The main goal being to put on a good show and impress the spectators.  Watch the video clip we’ve put together for you and you’ll see how well they’ve done.

And if the patrols « Frecce Tricolori »,  « Patrulla Aguila », « Krila Oluje » and « Patrouille de France » greatly contributed to putting some colour in the Austrian sky – not to mention stars in the crowd’s eyes - the F-16, Eurofighter, Alphajet, F-5E Tiger II, Fouga Magister, Rafale and other Saab Drakens also played their part.

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