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Video - The "Patrouille de France" on a par with Méribel, France

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This is a rare demonstration flight by the Patrouille de France, the French equivalent of the Red Arrows, as it takes place in the middle of mountains. At Méribel in Savoie, on the 25th of July, spectators had the feeling they could almost reach out and touch the eight Alphajets of the French Airforce who were screaming past at over 560 mph. They had good reason to feel this as the 7,000 people present were almost at the same height as the jets, perched as they were on the mountain flank at over 8,200 feet up.

The air show included spectacular acrobatic figures and lasted approximately twenty minutes. It was presented as part of the Méribel Air Show. The event is taking place this week and the programme includes demonstration flights and rides for first-time flyers as well as workshops and conferences on aeronautical themes. There are also many static aircraft on display, ranging from the Rafale to the Tiger helicopter as well as the extra 300.

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