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Video - Aero Friedrichshafen 2016: general aviation in all its forms

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Europe's largest general aviation dedicated trade air show was held from 20 to 23 April in Friedrichshafen, Germany. 600 exhibitors from 38 countries presented their machines to the 30,000, mainly private pilot, visitors.

Of note, this year, at the 581,000 square feet (54,000 m2) trade show, there was Cirrus Aircraft’s latest, the Vision Jet. This mini-jet is equipped with a parachute, incorporated into the plane’s nose; one additional interesting fact is that passengers themselves can deploy it. This single-engine jet, capable of transporting up to 7 people, is currently the largest on the market equipped with such a system. Purchase price will be around two million dollars from the end of this year.

Concerning prototypes, there was also this electric aerobatics plane, on which Extra Aircraft and Siemens are working. The still under development, Extra 330 LE, is equipped with a 260 kilowatt electric engine.

And amongst all these gliders, helicopters, microlights, gyroplanes and other pleasure aircraft, Volocopter’s multi-rotor electric VC200 landed at this show, so to speak, as did HondaJet’s small Japanese 7-seater business jet.

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