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Video - Dubai Air Show in "standby mode"

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No confirmation from the United Arab Emirates of a possible Rafale order, no announcement of an A380 remotorised version launch, and very few orders; the Dubai Airshow (8-12 November ) was indeed lackluster on balance. Nothing comparable with the previous 2013 edition, when the highly prosperous Gulf companies increased their contracts up to a $ 200 billion total of combined orders.

At present, Etihad Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways are still awaiting reception of numerous aircraft - eight hundred in total - enough to cover most of their development forecasts for the next twenty years.

Even so, the major aircraft manufacturers are still smiling. The 6% air traffic growth per year in the Middle East, is the highest in the world. Airbus and Boeing are certain that by 2035, the region will need between 2,500 to 3,200 new planes. Whilst failing to garner orders today, they are holding their ground and waiting for better days.

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