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Video - Paris Air Show: ‘‘ACTION’’

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The Paris Air Show opens its doors to some 140,000 trade visitors. With over 2,200 exhibitors, and 47 countries represented, this event is a must for the aeronautical industry. With a 5% increase in passenger traffic per year, the world’s fleet of aircraft will, according to the latest forecasts from Boeing, double in the next 20 years. Airlines will need 38,000 new aircraft, an estimated 5,600 billion dollar market, with which aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors will have to keep pace - a real challenge.

The engine manufacturers also, CFM International, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney, for example, will be required to produce ever more reliable, efficient and quieter engines, such as the Leap, which equips the Boeing 737 MAX, the A320neo, and the Chinese Comac C919.

Finally, on the labour market, the continually recruiting sector still has trouble finding certain manual worker profiles. This year, fifteen aeronautical trades and professions, directly related to aircraft production, will be presented at the « Careers Plane » exhibition, with the aims of stimulating the desire to work in this field, and avoidance of shortages. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of this 51st edition, the Paris Air Show is preparing for the rush.

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