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Video - 10,000 aircraft arrive for Airventure 2014

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Aviation enthusiasts of all kinds are present at Airventure from July 28 to August 3 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the United States, making it none other than the largest US aerospace gathering annually attracting 10,000 aircraft.

And some do not lack originality like this folding wing Fairey Gannet, ideal for garage parking. 348 units were manufactured after the first prototype in 1949, and this one is the only one still flying in the world.

There are also strange looking gyrocopters, or again this NASA WB-57, returned to complete airworthiness after 42 years of inactivity.

This 1936 Lockheed Electra Junior is also worth a look. Capable of reaching 225 mph, it was the fastest plane in its class, however, only 130 were produced between 1936 and 1941. There are only eight remaining in an airworthy state in the world.

Representing the more mythical aircraft here, this B-25 brings back lots of memories to Dick Cole. A veteran of the Second World War, he was co-pilot of this plane on April 18, 1942 during a mission over Tokyo. Better known as the Doolittle Raid, the attack was carried out by sixteen B-25 bombers launched from the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, causing fifty deaths on the Japanese side. 72 years later, Dick Cole was able to take the controls of this aircraft once again, not without emotion.

But Airventure, is not just about vintage aircraft; the new Daher-Socata TBM-900 is very much in evidence here, as is HondaJet, in presenting, both on the tarmac and in flight, their first mass produced aircraft.

With daily flight demonstrations, including one night show, this August 2 Oshkosh is again making this, yet another eventful funfilled show for the more than 500,000 fans expected here during the week.

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