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  • aeronewstv : official media partner of the Paris Air Show

    aeronewstv will be an official media partner of the 51st Paris Air Show, which takes place from Monday 15th to Sunday 21st June, at Le Bourget to the north of Paris.

  • Zhuhai Airshow: China’s airborne arsenal

    At Zhuhai in China, it is a little like Christmas in advance. 700 aviation industry manufacturers, more than half of whom being Chinese, are gathered together to exhibit their new "toys". From November 11th to 16th about fifty kilometres (30 miles) as the crow flies, west of Hong Kong, the China Airshow is an opportunity for the country to present its range of military aircraft.

  • 10,000 aircraft arrive for Airventure 2014

    Aviation enthusiasts of all kinds are present at Airventure from July 28th., to August 3rd., at Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the United States, making it none other than the largest US aerospace gathering annually attracting 10,000 aircraft.

  • This is "Women of Aviation Worldwide Week" !

    This is "Women of Aviation Worldwide Week", and will be celebrated in 37 countries until 9th., March. Launched in 2010 by the Women in Aviation Association, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, this event aims to promote the female contingent of this normally, very masculine, activity. The organization today comprises some 2,000 women worldwide...

  • AirVenture 2013: the big, big show !

    AirVenture 2013 at Oshkosh in the United States this year runs from July 29 to August 4. The biggest U.S. aircraft rally pulls in the crowds each time because it’s always chock full of surprises !

  • Air Tattoo: Let’s take a peek at the programme !

    Since its inception in 1971, the Air Tattoo in the UK has become the most important event dedicated to military aviation in the world ! There are just a few days before the 2013 edition, and this is what awaits you...

  • Aerobatics in the sky

    On the occasion of the Patrouille de France meeting, seven aerobatic teams performed breathtaking flight demonstrations. 120,000 spectators also made the trip on May 26 to Salon de Provence in the south of France, and they were not disappointed. What follows is a miscellany of images...

  • The Patrouille de France puts on its show !

    For its 60th anniversary, the Patrouille de France along with seven other world aerobatic teams put on a show in the skies over the Salon de Provence (south of France) last weekend... But what is its main purpose ? How does one become a pilot with the elite ? Answers on film !

  • Historical aircraft on show at La Ferté Alais !

    Since 1970, the annual La Ferté Alais meeting has gathered together exceptional machines. For this 41st edition, on view were 110 aircraft of collection, such as a Morane H which made the first crossing of the Mediterranean in 1913.

  • Patrouille de France, 60 years of thrills for the public !

    Considered one of the best aerobatic teams in the world, the Patrouille de France is celebrating its 60 years of existence. For this occasion, on May 26th, at Salon de Provence an air display will be given and a breathtaking film has just been produced.

  • "The time of propellers"

    The 41st meeting of the Ferté Alais has just been held south of Paris. A report will be devoted to this event on May 21st. here on Aeronewstv ... And to give you a taste, here are some images of these legendary aircraft !

  • Women of the air

    Women of the air

  • Akoya at Oshkosh

    Akoya at Oshkosh

  • Gosh ! It's Oshkosh...

    Gosh ! It's Oshkosh...

  • Aerobatic championships

    The french aerobatic championships

  • Seaplanes and an airshow !

    Seaplanes and an airshow !

  • Air Expo : D-day tomorrow

    Air Expo : D-day tomorrow


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