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Video - The Airbus Group launches its Leadership University

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The Airbus group launched its Leadership University yesterday, the 19th September, near Toulouse in Blagnac (south-western France). It’s been under construction for the past 20 months and cost 36 million euros to build. Here, you’re not likely to graduate with a certificate nor attend formal classes sitting at a desk. The University offers tailor-made solutions for innovative learning and development to all the group’s employees.

Following in the footsteps of American campuses, the atmosphere is friendly; there are wide-open spaces, like this library or this lounge.  There are also rooms with comfortable armchairs and even a penthouse Skybar on the 9th floor of the tower that provides a breathtaking view of the A380 assembly line.

Kerrie-Ann Stein-Goujon, Head of Airbus Group Leadership University: «The idea is to welcome all employees so that they can connect, create networks and work together. It’s also a way to help them quickly adapt to the complexities of the industry and change their mindset.»

Workspaces are spread over nearly 43,000 sq.ft. which means staff can come and exchange or participate in workshops and conferences or follow classes that, of course, all relate to leadership and team development topics.

And if some only come for a few hours, others can follow a programme over several days, which means there’s a restaurant and a 150-room hotel on site.

After Madrid, Marignane, Hamburg, Munich and Beijing, this is the group’s 6th university. The intake is estimated at between 12,000 and 15,000 employees a year.

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