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Video - Electronics engineers contribute to aviation safety

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Air Traffic Safety Electronics engineers are to be found in the vicinity of airport runways, at the foot of control towers, and even in design offices. Their mission: to ensure that planes fly from point A to point B - safely - 24 hours a day, non-stop, throughout the whole year.

As Mathy Gonon, Head of ENAC’s Science and Engineering Department of Air Navigation, explains: "they are responsible, at all times, for ensuring that the systems, radar stations, radio systems, the monitoring and data exchange, function fully without failing. They are therefore not only responsible for their maintenance, but also their installation and development."

Just like this design office engineer, in charge of the French air navigation system development. In 2004, having previously obtained a Higher Education Diploma, which qualified him for the selective examination, he spent the next three years following the ENAC training course - and was paid whilst doing it.

Upon leaving school, thirty graduates have the possibility of obtaining a secure civil service job. For the upcoming course, you have until midnight on 18 February, to apply on ENAC’s Internet site.

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