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Video - ENAC gets a facelift

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Over the last ten years ENAC has undertaken several major projects. Among its nine sites in France, that of Montpellier has been completely renovated, its centre in Muret (south west France) will be undergoing a facelift in 2017, and in Toulouse, major works have already been underway for a year. The latter concern this more than 45 year-old building.

From the beginning of the next school year, at the top of this staircase, the 1,600 students and some 6,000 trainees will have an 8,600 square feet (800 m2) library at their disposal. On the ground floor there will be the reception area, and several educational and administrative services.

Philippe Le Ligné, Head of ENAC’s major construction works department explains that this new building will “modernize the school, give it a general appearance that is attractive, and adapt the premises to new teaching methods with ever more computers, group work, and students."

The population has in fact doubled since its inception. Five million euros have been invested to bring the building up to today’s norms, and modernize it on the basis of what had been done by the architect Georges Massé in 1968.

Philippe Le Ligné did research into what the architect had in mind in wanting to give the building an architectural composition of quality, using a palette of whites, and grays with blue touches here and there.

With the administrative building, classrooms, lecture theatres, not to mention the 740 student lodgings, ENAC has undergone a real facelift. Even so, to refurbish the entire Toulouse campus, there is still another seven years’ work before the programme is completed.

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