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Video - A closer look at a little known engineering training course

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This is Natacha and Florian, two second-year electronics-engineering students in Air Traffic Safety systems (IESSA) training at ENAC (French national school of civil aviation).

Next year they will install, check and develop Air Traffic safety equipment. This is a three-year course, for which they are paid, and open to students with the predetermined requirements after passing the entry exams.

Natacha Laissac & Florian Kerfriden, second-year IESSA Training students at ENAC comment on their choice (vidéo).

A profession where job security is also assured. Fabien Betouret completed this course in 2004, since when he has been an electronics engineer in a design office.

Fabien Betouret, IESSA at the Technical and Innovation Division: "We don’t have to, as in the private sector, sell our services, change companies or cities if we don’t want to move, or do that in order to pursue a really interesting career."

Upon leaving the ENAC, students have the benefit of stable employment in the public service.

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    Posté the 10/17/2016 4:45 pm

    I doesn't understood which her say to cameraman. Definitely not jackie et michel stuff

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