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Video - ENAC launches aeronautical engineering degree in Hong Kong

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The French National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) will soon be offering a joint Master of Science in Aeronautic Engineering. From September 2016, forty students will follow one of two courses offered: either a year’s course in Hong Kong (for holders of a four-year bachelor’s degree), or a two-year course, with six months in China and 18 months in France (for holders of a three-year bachelor’s degree).

As Marc Houalla, director of ENAC explains, graduates of this Master will be eligible to take up a number of very different positions of responsibility. They could become executives within an airline, an aircraft manufacturing company, an aviation maintenance company, or even an airport manager.

With this new agreement, ENAC is continuing its development in this region of the world where air transport is undergoing strong growth. This course is intended only for holders of a scientific bachelor’s degree. To apply, you have until 29 February 2016, to contact the Head of Masters Recrutement at ENAC, or Hong Kong University. The selection of candidates written applications will be carried out by an ENAC / University of Hong Kong jury.

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