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Video - IPSA : an engineering school for aeronautics and space

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Antoine :
"I've always been interested in aviation, and wanted to work in it, preferably airplane conception and design."

Like Antoine, there are many people who want to work in the aviation industry. A vogue that is lengthening the lists of candidates in engineering schools, such as here, at the Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Science, IPSA near Paris, or its Toulouse campus, in south western France ; over a period of five years, the school trains students for careers in aviation and aerospace. Once they graduate as engineers, they will be able to work on the design, maintenance or testing of everything concerned with airplanes.
And the sector is hiring : in their latest report the French Aerospace Industries Association, Gifas, speaks of 10,000 recruitments for last year alone, and in order to keep up with this demand, IPSA is increasing their classes.
Stephane Roberdet, Director of Training – IPSA :
"The classes currently total about 250 students, but are growing, because we are increasing up to around 350, which is about the norm in French engineering schools."
Today, two-thirds of graduates find employment as soon as they obtain their diplomas. The curriculum includes a mandatory semester abroad, in one of the twenty countries where IPSA has partnerships, and some graduates find their first jobs there.
Sylvie Guigou, Deputy director of corporate relations

"Whether it be Asia or North America, 16% of graduates leave their last year to work abroad."

IPSA is organizing an open day on 14th March.

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