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Estaca launches Master’s degree in Aviation Maintenance

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Estaca launches Master’s degree in Aviation Maintenance

In September 2015, Estaca, a French post high school engineering college, specializing in transport and mobility, will open its first specialized master’s degree in aircraft maintenance. This master aims to meet strong demand from the aerospace industrial sector in the area of operations and maintenance.

The twelve-month course will be fully taught in English. Its primary objective is to give students perfect in-depth knowledge of the general organization of the different MRO activities (Maintenance, Repairs, Overhauls) whilst mastering the regulatory framework within which they must operate.

The aircraft maintenance master’s Programme will concentrate on four disciplines: aviation regulations, flight operations, maintenance, and also project management and technical English.

Open to French and foreign students already possessing at least a five-year post high school education together with an aviation sector culture, this programme is aimed at hosting 30 students in the coming semester, and who will have been selected on the basis of their background and an interview.

The cost of training is 9,000 euros for students already pursuing studies or 12,000 euros for those who have professional experience.

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