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Video - ISAE: a pool of engineers for aerospace manufacturers

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Just as in the days when they were students, the Strategy Director of Airbus Group, the CEO of Safran and the Executive Board Chairman of Zodiac Aerospace, found themselves all sitting together, very symbolically, at the French Advanced Institute of Aeronautics and Space ISAE ). 

On 5th., September, these top executives of several aerospace groups met in support of the development and internationalisation of the institute. Gifas, the French Aerospace Industries group, for example, has donated 1.5 million Euros to the ISAE-Supaero Foundation.


Marwan Lahoud, Strategy and Marketing Director - Airbus Group and President of Gifas:

"It's a million for projects, and 500,000 euros for scholarships, because there is a very important point for the development of the ISAE which is that of equality of opportunity, a social opening, so we have to look absolutely everywhere to find the sort of intelligence we need."

And in order to remain a world leader, the ISAE and manufacturers work closely together, a critical partnership for the school to be able to adapt its 35 aerospace training and research programmes to the sector’s orientations and needs.

Olivier Zarrouati, Executive Board Chairman - Zodiac Aerospace & President of Isae-Supaero Foundation:

"This is the breeding ground for our industry. The scarce resource in what we do are the men and women, the skilled and qualified personnel. That's what the school is here for, and that is why we want to support it."

Olivier Lesbre, Director - French Advanced Institute of Aeronautics and Space (ISAE):

"Out of the 700 graduates that we train every year, more than half are hired directly by the sector’s industrial aerospace groups."

For this academic year, the ISAE has over 1,600 registered students, and has just acquired new buildings and laboratories. An absolute necessity to stay at the highest international level in a highly competitive industry.

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