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Emirates launches pilot recruitment roadshow

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Emirates launches pilot recruitment roadshow

Emirates Airlines is currently carrying out recruitment roadshows around Europe, with four venues in the UK and Ireland- in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin - at the end of March, aimed at commercial pilots.

The Dubai-based company regularly employs skilled flight crew from all over the world, interested in a career with the airline, but this time it is focusing on its Pilot Selection Programme. “It’s an excellent opportunity to find out details of our remuneration package, and talk to our staff about the benefits of living and working in Dubai,” states the airline. “We have launched these roadshows in the aim of recruiting experienced and technically proficient commercial pilots to fly our extensive network of international routes.”

Candidates can simply show up on the day, or apply online, but must be available for a full briefing and assessment. On the agenda will be simulator tests - to assess basic flying skills, flight deck management and airmanship; an advanced compass test - to assess comprehensive skills and aptitude; and psychometric testing. Successful candidates will be flown to Dubai for the remainder of the process at a later date.

Amateurs be warned - Emirates fleet of planes is made up exclusively of Airbus 380 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

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