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Boeing foresees enormous demand for pilots and technicians

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Boeing foresees enormous demand for pilots and technicians

According to Boeing’s latest annual study, the world's needs for pilots and maintenance technicians will exceed the million over the next two decades. The study also confirms the surge in air travel and strong demand for aircraft by the airlines.

In 2014, the number of passengers carried, increased by 5.9% (3.4 billion) compared to 2013, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which this year celebrates its seventieth year, forecasts an annual increase of around 5%; being double the number of passengers transported over the next twenty years to nearly 7 billion between 2032-2035.

The world’s need for pilots and maintenance technicians vary from region to region. At the top of the list is the Asia Pacific Region with 40%, according to the study. Ranking second is the American continent (26%), followed by Europe (17%) and the Middle East (11%). Africa, and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, of which their are nine, including Russia - also called the Russian Commonwealth) bring up the rear with 4% each.

For Sherry Carbary, Vice President of Boeing Flight Services: "Aircraft manufacturers, airlines, training equipment manufacturers, training delivery organizations, regulatory agencies and educational institutions are all stepping up to meet the increasing need to train and certify pilots and technicians."

This perspective should not leave the Chinese manufacturer COMAC indifferent, since they wish to take a significant share of the global air transport market with their future medium-haul C919, the direct competitor of the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737; without forgetting their future regional jet, the ARJ21, and especially since the Chinese domestic market will more than likely explode over this same period.

The Boeing study confirms - and it is self-evident - the dynamics of a sector that has a positive impact on the entire global economy.

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