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Video - The aviation industry is still struggling to recruit some profiles

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As we know, the French aerospace industry is continually recruiting. With 15,000 new employees in 2012, 13,000 last year, this year the sector will probably have need of an additional 10,000 people.

Like in Toulouse, trade exhibitions devoted to employment and training in aviation, are held regularly in France. One way for young, newly qualified people, to find employment in this highly attractive sector.

-"It's still an area where there is a lot of work these days, so ..."

-"Aeronautics is really a passion. I'm from this area, the southwest of France, and for me it is really something exciting, I love airplanes. Marketing for me in this domain is really more interesting than anything else."

-"I want to stay in this region, in addition aeronautics recruits a lot of people here."


If the large groups are mostly sought after by job seekers, small and medium enterprises (S.M.E’s.) in the aeronautical sector have more trouble finding some profiles such as cable installers, millwrights, welders or even boilermakers.

Thierry Abad : Head Interim & Recruitment - Synergy:

"All the so-called ‘'technical’’ trades, are subject to labour shortages, not only for skilled worker positions but increasingly also for technician positions, or intermediate level professions, requiring higher levels of qualification, insofar as in this technical sector, today's youth continue on cycles a little longer: advanced, Masters or engineer. "

And to attract young technical careers in aviation, work-study programmes are growing more and more. Since the beginning of the year, 6,000 have chosen this path, 50% more than in 2010.

Today, the French aviation industry employs more than 160,000 employees.

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