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Video - The aviation industry continues to recruit

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The French aerospace industries group, Gifas, held its traditional annual press conference yesterday in Paris to present their annual report for 2013; a dynamic year for the aviation sector.

Marwan Lahoud, President of GIFAS ( French Association of aeronautics ):

''Our turnover rose by nearly 10%, and our orders by 50 %. With a figure of over 22 billion euros, we are the top profit generators contributing to the French trade balance.''

A very strong export industry that will continue to hire in 2014, although less than in previous years. Whilst the industry hired 15,000 people in France in 2012, and 13,000 last year, the provisional figure for this year is foreseen at 10,000. A positive sign, given the high number of job seekers in France. However, large groups such as small and medium businesses, are still struggling to recruit some profiles.

Thierry Voiriot, Chairman of the SME group Gifas:

''We have difficulty in finding the training necessary for workers, technicians and engineers. People who enter training direct from high school, head directly for service channels which are already full. There is in fact work available, whether it be in the aeronautical or industrial sectors !''

As in 2013, the priority will be to attract young people by helping them to become more interested in technical careers, and their opportunities, in aviation.

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