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Résultats pour « Villaroche »

  • The LEAP will pulsate at Snecma

    By 2020, Snecma will be producing 1,500 units of their new LEAP engine per year. To do this, the engine ma nufacturer will integrate high-tech assembly lines at their Villaroche (near Paris) premises.

  • Biometric passenger check-in on a tablet

    The Morpho tablet was awarded at Safran innovation awards on 13th., April. This tablet allows for biometric identity checks, in seconds, and could soon help passengers at airports.

  • JPB Système : the specialist in Self-Locking Solutions

    JPB Système designs self-locking solutions for the major engine and airframe manufacturers. The SME has been developing and selling its technology since the company was created in 1995. We review the beginnings of this success story.


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