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  • Qatar Airways launches ‘honeymoon’ for business class

    Qatar claims to have ushered in a new standard in Business Class travel with the launch of its flexible QSuite at the Berlin’s ITB travel show.

  • easyJet: controversial aftermath of diversion

    After two failed attempts to land in stormy weather at Toulouse airport on February 5th, an easyJet Airbus A320 diverted to Montpellier. The 180 passengers aboard had to make their own way back to Toulouse at their own expense, creating a controversy. Read the article to find out more.

  • Qatar Airways Claims World's Longest Regular Commercial Flight

    Qatar Airways claims the title of the world’s longest regular commercial flight. The company launched the regular Doha - Auckland route with a journey of more than 9,032 miles (14,535 km). How long did it take? Watch the video without comment and read the article to find out more.

  • 80 royal falcons fly high in style

    Eighty birds of prey sitting aboard a commercial airliner attentively listening to the flight crew's safety demonstration - this was the surrealistic scene captured by a pilot moments before takeoff. Read the article to find out more.

  • Airlines flouting Trump’s executive order on immigration risk heavy fines

    In the aftermath of President Trump’s executive order on immigration, airlines must no longer allow travel to the USA of citizens from any of the seven countries named in his text. If they do, they risk heavy penalties. So what’s the cost?

  • Best of 2016: Top 5 aeronautics Transport videos

    For the Christmas holidays, aeronewstv offers you the best of 2016’s aeronautical videos. Today, we invite you to watch the TOP 5 reports viewed this year in the Transport category.

  • IATA - risky rise in unruly behaviour

    Nearly 11,000 cases of bad behaviour aboard planes were registered in 2015 by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Over ten per cent of cases involved physical aggression towards cabin crew or fellow passengers.

  • Emirates staff frozen in «mannequin challenge»

    Emirates has joined the "mannequin challenge". In one of the company’s maintenance hangars in Dubai, fifty members of the engineering team took their break near an Airbus A380, with heart-stopping results. Watch the video without comment. Read the article.

  • La Compagnie plans to buy A321neo or Boeing 737 MAX-9

    La Compagnie running flights between Paris and New York plans to replace its two Boeing 757s – both configured for Business flights only - with Boeing 737MAX-9 or the Airbus A321neo. In a nutshell, it plans to use mid-haul planes for long-haul flights.

  • Travelling in Trump’s “T-Bird”

    A private jet emblazoned with the name of the 45th US President Elect, TRUMP, became one of the most distinctive symbols in his race for the White House. “Trump Force One”, as it’s nicknamed, is a VIP version of the Boeing 757. Take a glimpse inside in this video.

  • Snake in an Aeromexico plane – a tale with a twist

    Aeromexico’s Flight 231 between Torreon and Mexico City will remain engraved in passengers’ memories for a long time to come. In mid-flight a snake suddenly slithered out of a baggage locker above their heads. A passenger captured the scene. See the video. Read the article.

  • Emirates launches the world’s shortest A380 regular flight

    Emirates is soon to launch the shortest A380 route in the world. From 1st December the airline’s mega-jet will link Dubai to Doha on a daily basis. The distance between the two towns is less than 250 miles.

  • British Airways to scrap free meals on its economy flights

    British Airways is soon to make passengers pay for meals on its short and medium-haul economy flights. The new penny-pinching measures come into play on 11th January for flights out of London’s two main airports. Read the article.

  • TV ad: Jennifer Aniston makes a return to the Emirates A380

    Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actress returns for another adventure in her latest Emirates product campaign. In a similar vein to the first light-hearted TVC, Jennifer Aniston brings her distinctive personality and a touch of humour, to showcase the A380. Watch the advertisement. Read the article.

  • The youngest female commercial airline captain

    Kate McWilliams has just passed her command course making her the youngest commercial airline captain at just 26 years old. She joined easyJet in May 2011 as a first officer. Watch her interview. Read the article.

  • What will airlines be like in the future?

    Compared to today’s airlines, whether its the ones that flaunt luxury or the low-cost ones that tout the lowest fare, what will typical airlines be like in the years to come? An air transport specialist, gives us some answers. Read the article.

  • First regular US-Cuba flight since 1961

    The American low-cost company jetBlue has just carried out the first regular commercial flight between the US and Cuba in 55 years. This is an historic flight that marks the beginning of a new era. Watch the ceremony and take-off video (with no commentary). Read the article.

  • Aboard Swiss’ First CS100 Commercial Flight

    Swiss International Air Lines has just launched the first ever Bombardier CS100 commercial flight. aeronewstv was on board the Zurich – Paris flight to present the aircraft to you.

  • Fire breaks out on B777 Engine at Singapore Airport

    After an emergency landing at Singapore Airport, the right engine of a Singapore Airlines B777 burst in to flames. The incident was filmed from outside as well as from within the aircraft. There are no casualties. Watch the video. Read the article.

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